Lorne Loughran Bio - Saskarc Group
Saskarc Group is a group of companies including Saskarc Industries, Axiom Equipment Group, Avro GSE, and Safesmart Access. Based in Oxbow, Saskatchewan and lead by executive team - Brent Scott, Lorne Loughran and Dave Zwicker.
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Lorne Loughran CFO_Sq

Lorne Loughran

Chief Financial Officer

Lorne Loughran became the Chief Financial Officer in 2018. His job encompasses executing the financial strategy of the company through management of financial controls, and accounting procedures, ensuring full transparency over financial performance, and providing advice on how to increase revenue and reduce costs.

Lorne began his career with Saskarc in 2012. Before working at Saskarc, Lorne worked with companies, such as IBM and Goodyear, where he filled positions including an Accountant, Plant Controller, Divisional Controller, Business Support Manager and Operations Manager.

Lorne holds a Business Administration majoring in Accounting which he received at Conestoga College. He also has certificate in Theory of Constraint, Lean, Communications for Managers, Project Management, and Leadership Development.